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About Us

Belief Concepts MarketingCreative Thinking….Believable Results.

This is the motto for Belief Concepts Marketing, or BC Marketing for short. Founded in April of 2011 and based in the Central Valley of Northern California, BC Marketing has this mission in mind: To sit down with our clients, brainstorm creatively and think outside the box. When doing so, the results of your efforts become much more tangible – and believable.


We are dedicated to the growth and success of the small business world. As a small business ourselves, we understand fully what trials and tribulations a small business owner faces. And we are the type of company who not only talks the talk, but also walks the walk. If we don’t believe in a product or service, we won’t offer it. We are the small business owner’s friend and confidant, someone you can come to with your challenges and look for solutions.


BC Marketing is more than just your typical run of the mill marketing company. I mean, sure…..we can do all the traditional marketing most agencies can do. But that is not what sets us apart. As a marketing agency, it is our job to network and mingle with clients and prospects. It is our job to market our clients whenever we get an opportunity to do so, With that said, we have an extensive network of business contacts and connections, in addition to our client base. A small business owner need not be a client of ours, for us to refer them for a service needed. By helping small businesses grow through leveraging more than traditional marketing tactics, BC Marketing can make a lasting impact on any business.


The Team


Brian Schilling – Chief Marketing Strategist & Founder

Brian Schilling Brian founded BC Marketing formally in April of 2011. Brian holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from the University of California at Berkeley, and has dedicated his professional career to helping businesses with their marketing strategies. Brian has been in the email marketing industry since 2001, when he joined with In 2005, Brian left for a startup company that underwent several buyouts, ultimately becoming part of a large Fortune 500 company.


In 2010, Brian underwent expansion of his learning using many new and different Internet Marketing strategies. Brian participated in a list building class where he learned many new things about how to turn a list of email subscribers into cold, hard cash. His mentor, a gentleman by the name of Craig Caron, coached him and guided Brian into opening up a business to help other business owners, not just online, but in the real world as well.


Brian believes very strongly that business must move forward and take advantage of the marketing revolution before they get left in the dust and fold up shop. Brian believes that all businesses need is some coaching and guidance, and their goals will be met and exceeded. Brian represents BC Marketing as a member of the Tracy Chamber of Commerce and the Central Valley Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. As of August 2012, Brian is the 2nd Vice-President of the Central Valley Hispanic Chamber as well as their Ambassador. Brian is a member of the Genuine Networking Association, and believes very strongly in the power of networking when done correctly.


Gregory Gudson – Senior Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategist

Greg is a military veteran who has embraced the technology of the Internet and its power to grow business through the power of the search engine. Greg believes that if your business has a story to tell, the story means little if people cannot find you online. Greg uses his background and training to methodically put together programs and services that will help our clients boost their revenues through targeted SEO campaigns.


Greg has several years of experience in the online space, most recently helping several companies reach the first page of Google for their desired keyword phrases. Greg focuses on what the business owner wants, but is also not afraid to tell a business owner what they REALLY need. Greg’s passion for SEO stems from honesty, integrity and trust – and his desire to help others. He has helped many a company, small and larger, gain momentum in the search engine arena.